If anyone has bought razor blades lately and not had steam come out of their ears after looking at the price, I commend you, independently wealthy person. For me, it’s always been a nagging issue. I have a rough beard and go through a cartridge every 7-10 days.

I spend about $15 per month on blades. I don’t spend $15 per month on all the rest of my personal hygiene. I blame part of this on the manufacturer. Some of the blades try to tell you when to replace it and you don’t see any instructions about caring for your blade.

Well, no more! I found a video about caring for your blade on youtube. I haven’t tried all of the suggestions, but I do take more care to clean my blade and use a pair of levi’s to clean it up. I’m surprised at how well just those two things have helped. This is the first time, I’ve been able to go a month on a single cartridge and it still appears in good condition. I’d recommend everyone watch the video and give some of the tips it a try!